Start ups

Starting up a new business can be incredibly difficult. After all, it takes a lot more than a great idea and a pocket full of dreams in order to disrupt markets and generate success. New entrepreneurs need access to capital, mentoring and structural resources in order to prosper. But sometimes those lifelines seem nearly impossible to track down — which is why nine out of ten startups shrivel up and die within three years.

Any successful startup reaches a point, where external advisory becomes crucial to further leverage the startup’s success. This is exactly, when Thinkonic comes into play. As a startup, you can count on us. We work side-by-side and help you building a sustained company.

We are your sparring partner for business plan discussions, pitch deck reviews and your personal independent advisor. We work with you on business development and process implementation to run your idea in Europe and help you to find the right corporate governance structure, to define employee incentive programs and to develop your equity funding strategy.