THINKONIC organizes, manages and transacts its trading business, both with local and its oversees associates, dexterously and ingeniously using its network of information, manpower, know-how, and experience It has viable financial resources at its disposal to monitor, conduct and identify any and all projects falling in its dynamic and independent operational sphere of diverse nature.

THINKONIC diversified supplies and services are handled in its various well-organized divisions. The company is maintained by its well organized administrative sections covering finance, personnel, electronic data processing, logistics and public relations. The head-office is located in the heart of Vienna with branches in all over the Europe and Middle East.

Our business knowledge is reflected in applied technological innovation that seeks to simplify the complex, giving rise to competitive advantages for our clients which enables their ongoing improvement.

Whatever your location, THINKONIC’s expert team supports you from the start with an uncompromising focus on quality and make the essential end-to-end tasks from providing advice on the best service and solution.